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What started out as an attempt to show the breakdown of climbing The Whole Enchilada in a short 15 minute video...turned into a full length feature film.

In the spring of 2021, Braydon Bringhurst and his wife Nicole, set out for Moab Utah to film Braydon attempting to climb a few of the more difficult sections of the famous "Whole Enchilada" Trail. Braydon's hope was to be able to edit a 15-20 minute film showing the experience and eventually the full climb. 

However, once Nicole began editing the film, she and writer Kim Cross quickly agreed that there was a lot more to this story that needed to be told. With Braydon's hesitation of showing too much of himself, Kim and Nicole knew that they had to take the reins on the editing and story in order to give some proper insight into who Braydon really is.   

8600 ft takes you on a journey with Braydon as he tries to piece together this seemingly impossible climb, all while juggling the realities of life. Seeing a glimpse into his life before mountain biking reveals his mix of past experiences has not only led him to his true passion, but has allowed him to find great success in it.


Mental strength, daring to dream big, and his determination to never give up create a recipe for making the impossible possible. Watch Braydon study, train, and attempt one of the most difficult climbs in mountain biking: The Whole Enchilada. 

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